Our guidelines

The employees and the management came to an agreement about the follwing guidelines:

Employees and company

  • We are a constantly growing company with modern workplaces.
  • We are responsible beings, who look for compliance and seek for implementation of their personalities.
  • We support cooperative teamwork and respect the thoughts of each colleague.
  • We aim to work accurate, cost-consious and environment-friendly. Mistakes may happen but everyone should stand by them and learn their lessons.
  • We have ideas. Every single one counts. Success is made by all of us. It is an overall performance of a highly motivated and dedicated team.
  • We are open for all work and personal problems, support the solidarity of the company and take care of a good working atmosphere.
  • All of us want market-driven salery that has been generated by the company's profit and will be secured by future-proving investments.
  • We work joyfully, support one's own initiative and self-reliant working in our well-managed company.

Company and business partners

  • The customer alone decides if our service is good or bad.
  • Our good service quality is respected worldwide.
  • The company stands within hard competition and can only persist by offering an excellent service, fair market prices and fast delivery.
  • We choose quality conscious suppliers, plan our purchases correspondingly and fulfil our payments in time.
  • The fair cooperation with customers and suppliers enables the necessary profit to sustain the secure existence of our company.

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