Logistics is one of our core competencies

To fulfill our customers needs, we continue investing in our logistical efficiency. On the one hand we keep our buildings, machines and warehouse equipment up-to-date. On the other hand we also develop the skills of our staff. Thus we are able to react on our customers requirements flexibly.

On 18,000 m² logistic area the articles are stored and handled.

By means of 8 loading docks, that can be used for incoming and outgoing goods, we achieve short loading and unloading times.

More than 4,000 order lines per day leave our warehouse.

Our high rack storage area can contains approx. 10,000 pallets. Our warehouse management system directs the merchandise to its storage area considering the movement rate. The "first-in-first-out" principle is applied though.

20,000 m² shelf storage enable further growth in future. The whole facility provides space on 5 levels at a ground area of 800 m². The lower 4 levels contain 100,000 storage shelves , the top level provides space for further expansion like an additional handling area or further 25,000 storage shelves.

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