Our connection to you

Clearly defined interfaces

Procedural solutions support you in your work! For this reason, we offer you various interfaces through which you can communicate with us.

SB Upload

(Partially) automated uploading of orders from your dealer management system (DMS) or material management system (MMS)

DVSE / Topmotive

Parts can also be found in the TecCat standardised catalogue

SB Data | Web service

Article master data and movement data/price information for downloading or HTTP retrieval | option of complete integration in your system


Complete integration (search/order etc.) in the Werbas DMS

Invoice formats

Invoices in your format of choice! Whether printed out, as a PDF, or as a Microsoft® Excel® file

ByteRider / Abisco

Integration (search/order etc.) in the ByteRider MMS Abisc

Grafik Shop