Precisely differentiated and clearly defined

Quality standard of the parts we supply

The cornerstone is laid by the vehicle manufacturer with his specifications and quality requirements. And we adhere strictly to these.
There is no alternative to quality – this is the most important principle of our company policy – with your safety in mind!

"The parts that we supply are of at least the same quality standard in
terms of the motor vehicle BER (EU) No. 461/2010 in combination with the supplementary guidelines of articles
(19) and (20). Their use does not compromise the prestige of the network of approved workshops.
Furthermore, our parts meet the requirements for use in servicing and maintenance in authorised workshops.
We do not supply parts that do not meet this requirement!"

We differentiate between the following parts quality classes based on the significantly more precise motor vehicle BER (EU) No. 1400/2002:

There is no alternative to quality

An overview of our quality classification

01 = Original
marketed by the vehicle manufacturer

02 = Original supplier
made & marketed by the vehicle manufacturer’s supplier (OES)
Motor vehicle BER (EU) No. 1400/2002 Art. 1 Para. 1 t

03 = First equipment quality
same quality standard as the original
Motor vehicle BER (EU) No. 1400/2002 Art. 1 Para. 1 u

04 = Proven
from quality suppliers

06 = Accessories, workshop supplies, universal parts

Five good reasons

The effects of the BER on the spare parts industry

 Directive (EU) 1400/2002, known as the Motor Vehicle Block Exemption Regulation (Motor Vehicle BER), has fundamentally changed the market rules. The BER currently applicable to the motor vehicle aftermarket/repairs market is Directive (EU) 461/2010.

 Objective: to maintain and strengthen competition.

 The BER definition of an “original part” covers a broader spectrum than the narrow definition consciously propagated by vehicle manufacturers. 

 Car owners have more freedom in deciding where to have their cars repaired and serviced, without jeopardising the vehicle manufacturer’s guarantee.

 Authorised dealers may purchase a certain share of spare parts from third parties.

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