Social responsibility

We know that work in our society is of high meaning. It embeds us in a social fabric and we experience value, self consciousness and identity. Also work secures our subsistence and thereby our existence.

Therefore all our employees shall experience appreciation - independent of gender, nationality, ethnic heritage, religion or conviction, disability, age, sexual orientation or identity. Therefor the "Charta of diversity" is standing.

Thus inclusion is an inherent part of living diversity and our company culture that involves all employees. This is the only way to create a work environment that advances the appreciation and inclusion of all people in the company.

"Adaption of the structures to the individual needs of disabled people instead of the adaption of disabled into existing structures." (Cramer 2009)

Furthermore we support charitable foundations line the "Wittenkindshof Sheltered Workshop" by sourcing out re-packing and labeling to them. 


Adelheid Brandt, Wittekindshof Sheltered Workshops

Former employees

Even after their retirement we are still closely connected to our former employees and stay in touch with them. A willingly attended meeting of the former colleagues in our traditional annual coffee party right before Christmas. Our former employees are welcome anytime and are also invited to different events.

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