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Spare parts for Opel
As a specialised motor vehicle wholesaler with many years of experience, we know exactly which spare parts are required for Opel and offer custom-fit solutions with OE parts, as well as our own brands OE-FIT and OE-FIT+.

Selected Spare parts for Opel

Whether you’re looking for exclusive parts, OE parts, original accessories or solutions for older applications, we offer you selected spare parts for Opel. Moreover, thanks to our cooperation with Wolf Oil Corporation, we can also supply the right engine oils for Opel.

Oils for Opel

Brands for Opel

Our solution-oriented Opel range focuses on high-quality OE parts, suitable for every application. In addition, the range includes small parts, passenger compartment filters and oils, as well as matching brake kits from Zimmermann.

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With our wealth of expertise, we understand the specific needs of Opel and so are capable of providing a diverse range of products with compatible brand programmes.

David Michael, Category Manager
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Our expertise in all things Opel is rooted in a genuine passion for the brand, extensive experience, and a wide network of suppliers and customers.

Jens Bellmann, Area Manager
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Our seamless customer interaction across communication channels allows us to offer targeted assistance to resolve issues in real-time. 

Heimo Breitegger, Area Manager
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Our specialist workshop teams are all experts in their field. We are only too happy to help and offer any guidance you may need. Just get in touch!

Achim Haferkamp, Area Manager
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Our own brands for Opel

Our own brands for Opel offer high-quality spare parts at an attractive price-performance ratio.

The only real alternative to the manufacturer 
The versatile OE-FIT range combines the highest quality with an attractive additional return and our guarantee promise.

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BER original spare parts
Through OE-FIT+, we offer BER original spare parts as an alternative to the manufacturer. The expected quality and performance remain unchanged.

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Your best buddy in the workshop
Caripar enables cost-effective repairs with top product quality and a three-year guarantee.

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Our experts for Opel

Our Opel experts have decades of experience and a vested interest in the brand, so you are guaranteed to receive personal advice. Simply contact us any time to set up your personal consultation.

David MichaelCategory Management

Jens BellmannArea Manager

Heimo BreiteggerArea Manager

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Achim HaferkampArea Manager

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