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We show our responsibility
As a modern family-run company, we embrace our responsibility to our team, society and even the environment. This is why we not only demonstrate our commitment to our employees and their families, but also support social and cultural projects.

Our guiding principles

Collaboration and teamwork are so important to us. This is why we have defined guidelines that shape our day-to-day work and support us in further intensifying and optimising relationships with both each other and our business partners. 

  • We are a steadily growing company with contemporary workplaces.
  • We are highly competent individuals who seek professional fulfilment in our work and aspire to live up to our true potential.
  • We are passionate about working as a team and respect the values and viewpoints of each and every colleague.
  • We strive to work with precision, to stay mindful of costs, and to promote environmentally friendly business practices. We know that mistakes can happen, but the best way to overcome them is to acknowledge that they have happened and learn from them for the future.
  • We have ideas. Every single person matters. Our success is shaped by us all. It is the collective achievement of our highly motivated and committed team.
  • Our doors are always open in the event of any operational and personal concerns, which nurtures a sense of cohesion within the company and fosters a positive working atmosphere.
  • We strive to provide competitive salaries for everyone, generated from the company’s profits and secured through investments that ensure long-term sustainability.
  • We take great pride in what we do and actively support people to take their own initiative and work independently within our well-managed company.

  • Our customers’ opinions mean everything to us when it comes to determining the calibre of our service.
  • We are renowned worldwide for the premium quality of our work.
  • We know we face tough competition and can only survive if we offer excellent service, which includes prices in line with market rates and rapid delivery.
  • Our commitment to quality leads us to choose our suppliers carefully, ensuring that we become a reliable buyer through sensible planning and prompt payments.
  • After all, it is by establishing these solid relationships with customers and suppliers alike that we are able to secure the profit we need to maintain the long-term existence of our company.

We work together as a team for our shared success. Our focus is on long-term, trusting partnerships with customers and suppliers alike. We are your perfect partner.

Dr Christian Schäferbarthold, Managing Director

Our contribution to society

As a well-established family-run business headquartered in Porta Westfalica, we not only embrace our responsibility towards our employees, but also aim to make a meaningful and sustainable contribution to the local community through our business achievements. This is why we provide both financial and personal support to various projects and institutions.

Our Company crèche

Mindener Stiftung für Kinder