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Spare parts for Renault
We offer OE parts and high-quality spares for Renault. Get an overview of our full product range.

Selected spare parts for Renault

Discover our selected spare parts for Renault – from exclusive parts to OE parts that offer outstanding value for money, as well as original accessories.

Brands for Renault

The best possible solution for every application with exceptional value for money: This is our guiding principle when it comes to establishing our Renault brand world and selecting our range of spare parts. Our focus here is always on high-quality OE parts.

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My family has been serving Schäferbarthold and our customers for two generations now. That’s what being a family business is all about.

Mathias Hörnes, Area Manager
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With our extensive product portfolio, we offer precision-fit spare parts for Renault for every application so that our customers can always rely on the best possible quality. 

Felix Lange, Category Management
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Whether in the office or in the field, we are always ready to help our customers and will be only to happy to offer relevant advice.

Christian Möller, Area Sales Manager
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We excel at offering our customers in the car dealership and specialised independent garages personalized and knowledgeable advice. We know just what you need!

Friedhelm Wittemeier, Area Manager
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Our own brands for Renault

Our own brands for Renault not only offer high-quality spare parts, but also exceptional value for money.

The only real alternative to the manufacturer 
The versatile OE-FIT range combines the highest quality with an attractive additional return and our guarantee promise.

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BER original spare parts
Through OE-FIT+, we offer BER original spare parts as an alternative to the manufacturer. The expected quality and performance remain unchanged.

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Your best buddy in the workshop
Caripar enables cost-effective repairs with top product quality and a three-year guarantee.

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Our experts for Renault

The advice provided by our Renault experts is based on a keen interest in the brand, years of experience and a well-developed network of specialist dealers. Contact us any time to set up your personal consultation.

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Felix LangeCategory Management

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Christian MöllerArea Manager

Mathias HörnesArea Manager

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Friedhelm WittemeierArea Manager

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